INFANTS: Neurologically, the first year of life is your child’s most important! Birth is traumatic.
Having your newborn’s spine checked is critical to healthy development.

TODDLERS: Let the games begin. They’re on the move! These little ones are rapidly changing. Be there to soften the falls.

CHILDREN: Sports, video games & back packs oh my! Kids are resilient, but do not underplay the impact of falls & injuries. They can have long-lasting effects.

TUMMY TIME: Crucial for brain development, muscle and cervical spine strencth, and motor control and coordination.

EAR INFECTIONS: Before drugs or surgery, try chiro! Adjustments mobilize drainage of the ear.

VIDEO GAMES: Watch for poor posture habits, they can become a real pain in the neck.

CHAINGING DIAPERS: Roll infant to the side. Slide diaper under bum. Avoid pulling upward on the legs, this causes nerve stress in the lower back.

CONSTIPATION: Falls cause nerve stress. New foods can back things up. Adjustments promote optimal nerve and bowel function.

BACK PACKS: Avoid one-strap posture. Keep pack weight centered. Repetitive stress will cause spinal misalignments & maladaption.